Autopsy and plaster saws / Suction for plaster saws

Oscillating autopsy saws, oscillating plaster saws, suction and saw blades and accessories. Suitable for synthetic hard dressings and white plaster dressings. Replaceable saw blades, infinitely variable speed regulation. Robust construction for highest load capacity in continuous operation.      Low vibration and low maintenance. Due to the stepless speed regulation and the fully automatic load compensation over the entire
the entire vibration range, the plaster saw can be optimally adapted to the required application. Autopsy saws, plaster saws with suction, Cast saw.
Electromechanical autopsy saws with suction and electric plaster saws for human and veterinary medicine. Vacuum for autopys saw.

Plaster Saws & Autopsy Saws

Plaster saws and exhaust for plaster saws, saw blades and accessories.
Infinitely variable between 3500-24000 vibrations.
Autopsy and plaster saws, Suction for plaster saws, vacuum cast saw.
Autopsiesägen, Gipssägen Digimed Medizintechnik



‌‌ 3k shank and depth saw blades

‌‌ Segment saw blade

‌‌ Depth limiting washer


Informations / Products

‌‌ Use in orthopedics as plaster saw / bandage saw

‌‌ autopsy as well as in veterinary medicine

‌‌ Suction, vacuum and extraction.

‌‌ Electronic speed regulation.

Plaster saw and autopsy saw


We have specialized in the production of autopsy saws and plaster saws including accessories as well as suction devices in medical technology.

Due to the constantly growing demands on the market, our autopsy and plaster saws product portfolio is constantly expanding.

Through our webshop / online store we would like to be present in the field of medical supplies / practice supplies in the future.


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